The Palmach House
Palmach House is composed of several components: the Museum, Palmach Photo Gallery, Archive and Library which are located on the second floor; the Memorial Room commemorating the fallen Palmach members, located next to the Library.

The Memorial Room is composed of 1,187 drawers, one dedicated to each of the Palmach members that fell from 1941 to 1949. In each drawer is a personal file of the fallen member, with his or her personal details, photographs, letters and additional material, if available.
Located inside the room is a computerized memorial station that enables printing of information from the files.
Palmach Generation Association. The Association's offices are located a floor above the museum's lobby, and are open to Association members Sunday through Thursday, from 9:00 to 13:00. In the Palmach House courtyard is a dairy cafe open to the visiting public. The cafe offers sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, candy, ice cream, toasts and pastries. In addition, food and refreshment can be ordered in advance for various events held on Palmach House grounds, by contacting the cafe: 03-6438779. Also located in the courtyard is the Palmach Grove, where various events are held by the Association and museum. In addition, an open aired theatre is located on the western side of the House grounds. Hoisted next to it is the Palmach symbol, created by the sculptor Gideon Gretz, a Palmach member. Inside the House is an auditorium that is currently under construction, which will be used for various events and conferences in the future

Credits for building the Palmach House
The Palmach House was built by Dor Hapalmach Association, which has seen itself obliged to preserve, keep and teach the Palmach Heritage to the younger generations. The association has spent for this highly important aim – a great amount of resources and efforts, materially and spiritually, alike.
After the completion of the Palmach Museum, the building was handled-over by Dor HaPalmach Association to the authority of the Ministry of Defense. It is now operate and direct by the Department of Museums, Ministry of Defense.
The Management of Dor HaPalmach Association
Chairman: Yeshaiihow Gavish
General Manager: Micha Perry
The Project Director: Amnon Yona
Chairman of the Program Committee: Chaim Hefer
Treasurer: Yair Kadishay
Management member: Rivka Kremer
Accounts Management: Rachel Kurtz
Exhibition and Display Design
Curator and Museulogy Management: Orit Shacham-Gover
Design and Exhibition Producer: Elihav Nachliali and Program 1 Team
Researcher: Yardena Virov
Historical Advisers: Dr. Igal Eilam, Dr. Meir Pail
Script and Integration of Performance: Audie Armoni
Design the Multimedia Systems and AV: Jacob Shain
The Films Director: Nissan Belkin
The Lighting System Design: Professor Ben-Zion Monitz
Music – Composing and Production: Yoni Rechter
The Palmach Squad Characters Design: Yitzhak Ben-Ner
Exhibition and Display Accomplishment
The Set Decoration Accomplishment: Scenic Route Limited, UK
Decoration Production Manager: Orit Hole
Systems Coordination and Accomplishment Supervision: Architect Moshe Lenda
Commanding and Operational System: Electrosonic UK
Media Production: Shain Production Ltd., Telemidia Communication Ltd.
Editing: Ram Shemi
Photography: Klauduiew Shtinberg
Actual Producer: Ayellet Efrati
Soundtrack and Mix Production: Guy Yaffe
Sound Studio: ZE-ZE Ltd.
Programming: Gerry Stern
Lighting Set Accomplishment: Danor Lighting Ltd.
Chief Lighting Technician: Arnon Jacob
Infrastructure Accomplishment: A.L. Building Improvement
Building the Stage: Avishay Shanny – Mazor Ltd.
Architects: Zvi Hecker – Raffi Segal Architects
Landscape and Development Design: Design Landscape Ltd.
Construction Planning: Aizenberg-Naginsky-Zalddin Ltd.
Air-condition Consultation: Offir Ronen Engineers
Electricity Planning Consultation: Alex Tal, Maxcim Chone Ltd.
Acoustic Consultation: M.G. Consultants Ltd.
Installation Consultation: A. Paphish and Co. Engineers Ltd.
Constructor: Solel Boneh
Electricity Systems: Lezerovitz Aria Ltd.
Air-condition: "Mashav" Ltd.
Supervision: Ministry of Defense