Ministry of Tourism is a Government Office, an Economic Office. One of its aims is to expand the economic activities in Israel. Making as many people as possible to work in the tourism industry: Hotels, tour guides, restaurants and many other tourist activities around Israel.
Ministry of Defense deals with many aspects of the Security of Israel. Its Arms sales, purchasing Arms, manufacture and production of arms and other military products.
The Ministry deals also with: Rehabilitation of handicapped and wounded soldiers. Taking-care of the bereaved families, memorialization of the fallen soldiers, who died or killed during their military service. Endowing the heritage of the I.D.F. and the other Security Forces of Israel.
Although an unofficial underground movement, the Hagana ("defense" in Hebrew) was the primary quasi-military body of the Jewish community in Palestine and the Zionist Movement during the time of the British mandate, prior to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. From that time, the Hagana became the army of the state of Israel – ‘Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) (in Hebrew, Tzva Hagana Le-Yisrael – Zahal).
The Palyam website contains hundreds of personal stories of veterans of the Palyam and related organizations that carried out 'Aliya Bet' - one of the greatest chapters in the history of Zionism & the struggle to establish the State of Israel.
In 1948 2,200 Jewish teens and young adults fulfilled a promise of 20 centuries. In 2010 Jewish teens and young adults are going to do it again. This is the motto of Palmach TTC - Palmach Torah Teen Centers. Reviving the great Palmach spirit of volunteerism and extraordinary service combined with Torah Principles - both the heritage of the Jewish People - Palmach TTC is a new youth movement that is dedicated to transform the teens and young adults of today into becoming the exceptional Jewish leaders of tomorrow.